Safe Walk Program

At Naropa University, safety is a must. That's why we created the SafeWalk Program on the Arapahoe Campus. The Safe Walkers are trained Naropa students who will go in pairs with you and will be carrying a two-way radio so as to stay in contact with the dispatcher.

It's all about helping you feel safe as you walk from the Arapahoe Campus to your home in the Goss-Grove neighborhood (from 15th Street to Folsom Street and from Arapahoe Avenue to Canyon Blvd.)

If you want someone to walk with you simply call 720-210-4674 and ask for a "safe walker."

The Safe Walkers are located in the student lounge at:

The Sycamore Building, Arapahoe Campus
Hours: Monday through Thursday, 6–10 p.m.