What is AmeriCorps?

AmeriCorps is a federally funded program that provides educational scholarships to students who engage in service work. There are lots of different kinds of work that can be done to earn these financial benefits, and the size of the benefits depends on how many hours of work you put in.

Naropa’s AmeriCorps program is run through an organization called UCAN Serve. The UCAN Serve AmeriCorps program is a regional effort to engage students in meaningful service with local communities. UCAN Serve strengthens campus and community partnerships by channeling student service into nonprofit and government agencies serving high need, community priority areas.

UCAN Serve enrolls more than four thousand students annually in Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico through thirty-six campuses. These UCAN Serve members contribute more than 1.8 million volunteer hours per year as a part of their academic service, Serve Study, student leadership and faith-based programs. UCAN Serve is the largest higher education AmeriCorps program in the country, providing $5.4 million annually in student service scholarships.

How does it work?

A member enrolls for an hour-based term of service, and upon completion of their commitment receives an education award scholarship, which can be used either to pay back student loans or pay for future tuition. The service options are as follows:

  • 300/hours per 1 year = $1,132
  • 450/hours per 1 year = $1,415
  • 900/hours per 2 years = $2,675

Students can receive two scholarships through Americorps in their lifetime, and may elect to earn those two awards through UCAN Serve.

What kinds of service work can I do?

Students may participate in UCAN Serve either on campus or in their community through various programs:

  • Academic service (internships, student teaching, field experiences and clinicals)
  • Education
  • Public health and safety
  • Community strengthening

How do I enroll?

To enroll, please visit the Americorps page on MyNaropa. Note, you will need to login with your MyNaropa username and password to access the page. 

Questions? Please contact:

Amy L. Munger
Naropa AmeriCorps Coordinator