Re-entry After Temporary Absence

Documents needed for re-entry

The documents you need for re-entry to the United States after a temporary absence of five months or less are a valid passport, an unexpired visa stamp in your passport, a recently endorsed I-20 (see below), and financial documentation. (Canadian citizens are exempt from the passport and visa requirements, so they only need the I-20 and financial documentation). The following paragraphs explain what to do about a visa and Form I-20.

Form I-20

Before traveling out of the United States, bring your I-20 along with your passport to the International Student Office. If you are maintaining status and if there have been no substantial changes in the information on the front of your I-20, the International Student Advisor will endorse page 3 of the form. Do not forget to get this endorsement. You may be refused readmission to the U.S. if it is missing. Although the form states that an endorsement is valid for a period of one year, it is best to have your I-20 endorsed each time you leave the United States.

If there have been substantial changes in the information on your I-20, or if you have lost it, the International Student Advisor or the Admissions Office will issue you a new I-20 for your re-entry into the United States. A new bank statement with proof of financial support will be required for a new I-20.

If you plan to attend a school other than Naropa upon your re-entry, you must obtain a new I-20 from that school. See the International Student Advisor about this before you leave the country.


Your United States visa stamped on a page in your passport must be valid for multiple entries and must not have expired (See below for exceptions). If your present visa meets the above requirements, you may use it and your recently endorsed I-20 for re-entry, and you need not visit a consular office outside the United States.

If your present visa has expired or if you have used up the number of entries stated on the visa, you must apply to a United States consular office abroad for a new or revalidated visa. You cannot do this in the United States.

If you have transferred schools since obtaining your visa or if you will attend a new school upon reentry, you may use the visa that is noted for your previous school. You need not have it revalidated for the school you will attend upon your re-entry as long as you have a valid I-20 for the new school and the date on your visa stamp has not expired.

Automatic Revalidation of Visa

For brief trips to Canada, Mexico, or Caribbean islands other than Cuba, your expired visa may be considered automatically revalidated for your re-entry if:

You go only to Canada, Mexico or Caribbean islands other than Cuba for a period of not more than 30 days; and You re-enter the United States for the purpose of continuing your studies at the same school during the time your stay is valid (you must have Form I-94 and a recently endorsed Form I-20 to show this).