The Naropa Bike Shack

Bike Shack Hours*

Open Shop: Monday-Friday  11:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Classes: scheduled monthly. Join the Bike Shack mailing list to receive announcements.
*Hours subject to change 

Services provided by the Naropa Bike Shack:

Information & Resources 

Bike Shack staff are happy to help you plan the most effective route to class or work. We provide maps of bike routes as well as road rule manuals. We have a list of resources including local businesses where one can buy a bike and accessories.

Classes/ Workshops 

Although the Bike Shack and its inhabitants are always happy to provide impromptu information and assistance with maintenance, we will also be providing more structured and focused classes. The classes are open to all Naropa students, faculty, and staff. Bike repair, maintenance, and safety classes are some of the many benefits of being a Naropa Bike Shack Member.  

Additional classes offered by the Bike Shack include:

  • Basic Bike Maintenance
  • Commuting Skills
  • Fix-a-flat
  • Bike Fit
  • Personal Sustainable Transportation Planning
  • Emergency Repair

Let us know what you'd like to learn about by emailing the Bike Shack or Transportation Office. Join the Bike Shack mailing list list to receive announcements.

 Earn-A-Bike (EAB)!

Starting this Fall 2013 semester, the Naropa Bike Shack will be instituting a new program that will replace the rental fleet: Earning a bike for you to keep and integrate into your lifestyle. This is a service learning program in which participants dedicate time to learning how to maintain a bike and are then offered the opportunity to put a bike together that they will keep.

  • Participants are required to complete fifteen hours of service learning with the Bike Shack.
  • Five of the Fifteen hours must be participation in classes offered by the Bike Shack (schedule coming soon).
  • After the completion of the service learning time, participants will have one academic year to build up a bike for their commuting needs.
  • Earned bikes will be built in the Bike Shack with assistance from the Bike Shack staff and from our used parts.
  • The Bike Shack's classes and EAB program has limited space and the cozy Shack can accommodate up to Eight (8) participants at a time. 
  • Naropa community members must fill out the Earn-A-Bike sign-up form to participate. 

The Naropa Bike Shack gladly accepts donations of bike parts and bike related items.

Bike Shack Membership

Have your own bike? Tired of having to wait for someone to look at the scary noise it's making or paying up to $100 for a tune up? Want to customize your bike or make it go faster?

Join the Bike Shack with a membership and learn to fix your own bike!

Membership is now free for current students, faculty, and staff.

Other community members can also benefit from a membership at the low cost of $15 a semester or  $30 yearly.

As a member you will receive a designated "bike buddy" who will gauge your progress and offer support for your projects. You will have access to tools, a bike stand, a truing stand and you can order bike parts inexpensively as a member. Sign up in the Transportation Office or Bike Shack.

Non-Member Services

Our mechanics provide a limited repair service to non-members. If you help with the repairs, you can expect to pay only for the parts. Air is always available for free.

Change a Flat
Standard $9 
With Help $5 

Patch a Flat
Standard: $5
With help: $2

Tire levers, tubes, patch kits, mirrors, and bells are also available for purchase. See a Bike Shack mechanic for details.

If you have a safety concern with your bike, don't hesitate to ask a Bike Shack mechanic. She or he will most likely be able to address your concern or refer you to someone who can.

The Bike Shack also has bike path maps available for free and can answer questions regarding commuting. 

Group Rides

Group bike rides are a great way to meet other cyclists and get to know the local bike paths and lanes. During these rides we also practice safety, proper road rules, and etiquette. Check with the Bike Shack for times and dates.

 Renting a bike from Naropa's Bike Shack

The Naropa Bike Shack provides short term rentals in cases of emergencies and for students of the summer programs. This small fleet of 30 bikes is subject to availability. Bikes come with locks and are available for use from one day up to one week. Two consecutive weeks is the maximum rental period. During your rental we are happy to help you sort out your transportation needs and plan a more sustainable commute.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Naropa bikes are for emergencies, summer programs, and are temporary
  • Bikes can only be checked out for a maximum of two weeks
  • Bike may only be checked out in person and are subject to availability
  • You are responsible for theft, damage, and late fees
  • Naropa ID or credit card information is required to check out a bike
  • Copies of the bike contract are available to take home

Rental Fees

  Daily Weekly  
Students/Faculty/Staff Free Free  
Alumni/Naropa Visitors $5 $15  

 Included with the bike rental is a cable-lock. Additional equipment can also be rented or purchased:

  • Helmets: Free rental with bike upon request
  • Cable Locks: Free rental with bike, can also be rented individually
  • Lights: $15-$30 purchase