The Naropa Experience
Students on Arapahoe Green in spring

The Naropa Experience

Experience your education and your life

Naropa is at its heart a verb: To meditate, write, discuss, intern, travel, serve, and grapple with nature of your own identity, your professors, and the world—that’s Naropa!

Now is that time to begin

Transform yourself

Become kinder, calmer, and more self- and world-aware. Through a process of radical self-discovery, Naropa University will help you become more you—only better.

Discover how.

Lucas Sego

Student Highlight

“My time at Naropa has provided the fundamental tools to actively engage in the transformation of the world and then use that work to profoundly transform myself. I can do both at the same time. That, I believe, is not only a tremendous gift to me, but to an Earth community increasingly in crisis as well.”

— Lucas Sego
Religious Studies Student

Experience community

Doers. Poets. Contrarians. Deep listeners. Environmentalists. Yogis. Passport huggers. Change agents. Different drummers. 

We are an inclusive community of individuals, all seeking insight, knowledge, and purpose. 

See how we support each other’s journeys.

Experience Contemplative Education

Will you sit around on cushions? Sometimes, because it will help you improve everything you do.

But you will also study with world-class writers, artists, and thought leaders. You will write, write, and write some more, wrestling with the material you are learning on and off the mat. Plus you will have the opportunity to intern, volunteer in the community, and study abroad, enhancing your education through experiential learning.

Learn more about how you might grow through Contemplative Education. 

Experience Boulder

Boulder, Colorado has been called, “The Best College Town in America.” We couldn’t agree more.

See why you might want to study in this iconic college town.