2015 Summer Writing Program

SWP Week 1

SWP Week One

Disparities, Exigencies, Identity, Lineage
What are the threats to an artistic life? Lack of resources, indifference, the overwhelming dull yet titillating distraction Kulchur? Where is support and inspiration coming from? Where is our primary shelter, within academic/alternative communities only? What are we writing? Is it choiceless as Robert Creeley insisted? What are our scholarly practices? See more

SWP Week 2

SWP Week Two

Who Am I When I Dream?:Philo-poetics
It's always been an interesting exchange: philosophy and poetry. Poets were kicked out of Plato’s cave, considered too unreliable. But the “rub” is always there, unstable, generative. Zizek, Agamben, Butler and others open the cave to the rhizomic creative thought of poetry, but as poets we need to reclaim the torch. What is the pedagogy? Poetry is intuitive, philosophy is logical… See More

SWP Week 3

SWP Week Three

The Activist Rhizome
Why are we more apt to speak about the end of the world than we are of cultural/political revolution? What is the network of activism within the writing community? Our guests this week have traveled, investigated, agitated, unionized, and occupied. They have used research, and documentary poetics to create fabrics that bring attention, and transcend the world linguistically…See More

SWP Week 4

SWP Week Four

Sangha, Cross Worlds Common Ground
Sangha is a Sanskrit term meaning “association,” “assembly,” “community.” One thinks of Walt Whitman’s “adhesiveness.” And “Common ground” was a phrase Amiri Baraka used frequently when he taught at the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics and invoked the idea of a serious cultural revolution...See More


Pamela Krasney

In Memoriam

Pamela Krasney, Naropa alumna and longtime member of the Naropa Board of Trustees, passed away on June 9.  Pamela was deeply committed to Naropa and our mission. She was incredibly generous to both Naropa and to a number of philanthropic causes, and she generously offered her spirit, her passion, and her resources for decades. The entire Naropa community mourns her passing.

Joanna Macy Center

Naropa Announces the Creation of the Joanna Macy Center

The center was introduced today at the first-ever White House Summit on Buddhism in Washington, DC. It will focus on Dr. Macy's root teachings, Buddhist scholarship, and Nuclear GuardianshipSee More

Study Abroad in Bhutan

Study Abroad in Bhutan

Learn more about Naropa's Study Abroad in Bhutan program, which offer students the opportunity to deepen their roles as global citizens and to cultivate leadership and intercultural communication skills through international learning at the Royal University of BhutanSee More

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#YOGAforNEPAL Earthquake Relief Effort

Help raise critically needed money for supplies and shelter for victims of the Nepal earthquake. Combined with partner organizations, we have to date helped to generate nearly $15,000 in relief funds... See More

Naropa Partners with LEAPNOW

Naropa Partners with LEAPNOW

LEAPNOW offers an alternative first year of college called “LEAPYEAR,” that brings together the best of gap year experiential learning with a program of contemplative study to prepare students to make the best use of their college careers... See More

Naropa Commencement

"Strive to Live an Examined Life"

A highlight of Naropa's 2015 Spring Commencement was the address by keynote speaker Parker Palmer. He urged graduates to live fully, fiercely, and honestlySee More

This is Naropa

Kate Beilharz, a senior in the Environmental Studies and Yoga Teacher Training programs

Student Focus

Meet Kate Beilharz, a senior in the Environmental Studies and Yoga Teacher Training programs. During her Conflict Transformation class last semester, faculty Candace Walworth asked students to share a story they were hungry to tell… Watch Kate's story

Faculty Focus

Meet Peter Grossenbacher, director of Naropa University's Consciousness Laboratory, where he and students work to shed light on the nature of human consciousness… See More

Jamil Scott, MDiv

Alumni Focus

A contemplative response to the Black Lives Matter movement, the Mutuality Movement, developed by Rev. Jamil Scott (MDiv, '14), trains youth and young adults to lead public meditation sessions, focused on the development of compassion while offering a nonviolent opportunity to publicly resist systems of injustice…See More

2015 Study in Bhutan program participants

Explore Your Role as a Global Citizen

Open to students currently enrolled at a U.S. university, Naropa's study abroad program in Bhutan offers the opportunity to full immerse yourself in Bhutanese culture...See More